Video Surveillance simplified

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Video Surveillance technology has and is changing rapidly—with today’s Digital Video Recorders (DVR) business activities can be recorded for either live or later review and thanks to Internet technology today, the review of recorded events can be accomplished from any location in the world.  It is very common today for a business owner or manager to monitor their office activities from remote locations.   

Also, there is no doubt that video surveillance of a property is a deterrent to crime and of growing concern these days is the need for a replay of events leading to liability claims such as slips and falls and other claimed accidents on the property.  With the prudent use of cameras and DVR’s liability insurance rates can be reduced.



online dvr demo

Feel free to view our demo cameras that are up and running at Azstar Communications. View Online Demo

  • * A Windows-based computer running Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher is required to view the camera remotely.  When prompted to install the active X control, please click accept and run the install.  This will allow you to see the cameras.

benefits of our remote access DVR solution:




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